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 IMAOUID Forum Rules

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PostSubject: IMAOUID Forum Rules   Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:04 pm

1: Don't spam. (Only allow in the Spam Thread)

2: Respect the members and admins.

3: Don't talk about sexual stuff etc etc. (Only allow in the Mature Talk)

4: The Mature Talk is not for hentai pictures, videos etc etc (That's only allow in the Hentai Area)

5: Must make a request to gain access to the Hentai Area.

6: No double posting, please use the edit button wherever applicable. Double posting is annoying not only to the staff, but other people trying to post. Bumping a thread in this way is also not allowed.

7: Do not harass other members on the forum. We know that sometimes people kid around for fun but sometimes it can be taken the wrong way. If you feel you were harassed.

8: Spamming or the use of posting bots will not be tolerated. Note that this includes the advertising of competing forums, websites, networks, etc as well as general flooding. Please do not make us need to enforce this!

9: Try to stay on topic. Blatant derailing of a thread will be considered in the same vein as spamming.

10: No pornography, nudity, or other overtly sexual content is allowed on the forums except for in the hentai section. This includes signatures and avatars as well. Remember, not all forum members are of age! Try to keep it clean.

11: Do not take rules into your own hands and make posts like lock/delete this, this should be moved, etc. If something is in violation of our rules, please use the report button at the bottom of every post. By taking rules into your own hands you are just making more work for our moderators.

12: Please do not PM staff members about forum related questions, such questions should be posted on the forum in the Help And support area so that the correct person may assist you.

13: Signatures:
Signature Limit: 2 signature images are allowed

Signature Sizes: The signatures total size must not be larger than 600x400. (Width x Height) for all images combined.
Userbar Limit: The userbar total size must not be larger than 600x200 (Width x Height).
Be reasonable, if you're slightly over this limit it's not a big deal but if a one sentence post is taking up half the screen, your signature is probably too big!

13: No Stealing Encodes & Uploads:

If you're going to use links from another site, you need to follow the guidelines below.
A. You must obtain permission from the uploader and credit them wherever applicable.
B. You must label the Website:

Rule 14: Do not use ALL CAPS in a topic title or a reply to a topic.

Rule 15: Do not make more than one user account for any reason what so ever. If a user is caught with more than one user account, they and all of their accounts will be banned permanently (user, IP, and email ban).

Rule 14: Please DO NOT request for your nick to be changed so often. The limit for how often you can have it changed is once every 90 days.

We reserve the right to make exceptions to the rules as the circumstances permit. We make the rules, so we choose the way in which we enforce them. Not every rule will be enforced to the same extent in every case and some rules may be applied very sparingly. Again, this depends highly on the circumstances. All bans and edits will be reviewed by another staff member to ensure the power of the staff is not being abused.

Changes in the rules will generally be announced but be sure to check back regularly for any updates
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IMAOUID Forum Rules
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